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[VIDEO] World’s 2nd Largest Fish Filmed in Croatia

SharkCroatian fisherman Mario Ligović has filmed what is believed to be a breed of the second-largest living fish in the Adriatic sea just off the coast near Istria on Saturday…

When Regional Express published a photo of the find, there was some initial confusion in the Croatian media as to what type of fish it was. It is now reported that it was in fact a basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus) which was spotted yesterday by Ligović in the Ližnjan waters at the tip of Adriatic coast.

After the whale shark the basking shark  is the second-largest living fish and is found in temperate oceans. One of three plankton-eating sharks besides the whale shark and megamouth shark, the basking shark can reach 6-8 m (20-26 ft.) in length. Despite their large size and threatening appearance, basking sharks are not aggressive and are harmless to humans. It is illegal in Croatia to intentionally kill a basking shark. (photo / greg_skomal Wiki)

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