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[VIDEO] Wild Winds Rip Through Split

NinPowerful bura winds blowing up to 155 kmph, the strongest in the last decade according to some, had ripped through the Croatian port city of Split on Monday, causing havoc both on sea and land…

“At the met station on Marjan hill the gale force winds reached speeds of 155 kilometres per hour. Winds of that force have not been recorded in the Split region in the last 10 years,” Rade Popadić, founder of met portal Crometeo told Tportal.

The bura winds blew through on Monday, sending street signs flying, ripping off building facades and knocking down trees in its path. The winds were not causing problems just on land, ferries had trouble also docking in as the choppy seas and winds made it difficult for captains. One ferry, the Lastovo-Vela Luka-Split line carrying 91 passengers and 34 vehicles, needed over an hour to dock in and be tied up.

“When we have such strong bura wind blowing it is very risky to sail into port so the captain had to wait till conditions were less ‘intense’ before he could dock in,” Split Ports Ante Mrvica said.

The largest time stronger winds were recorded in the city were on 14 November 2004 when winds of 170 kmph were clocked. (photo / wikicommons)

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