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VIDEO: Vižinada – the hidden pearl of Istria

VIDEO: Vižinada - the hidden pearl of Istria


There are so many small undiscovered charming places dotted around Croatia. One of those places is Vižinada.

To help introduce not only tourists but locals to ‘the hidden pearl of Istria’, the local tourist board has created a new promotional video presents all the treasures of the municipality. 

Located in the interior of the western part of Istria around 17 km northeast of Poreč, the Vižinada parish was first mentioned in 1177.

For some time now, intensive work has been done not only on the development of Vižinada as a municipality, but also the Vižinada Tourist Board is active in promoting this picturesque Istrian town as a tourist destination that captivates with its beauty, historical sights and rich content.

The three-minute promotional video shows off everything that Vižinada offers – from natural beauty, quality accommodation, sports and recreation to cultural values, traditional events and fantastic gastro and eno offer. 

In the video you can see views specific only to Vižinada, known as a place with one of the most beautiful views in Istria. The footage leads through Parenzana, through endless vineyards and olive groves and parts of the event Sweet Istria, which combines tradition and present. The promotional video will also remind you to the ballet legend Carlota Grissi, born in Vižinada, and at the same time invite you to visit the house of Maraston, which hides numerous historical stories in interactive content.

The main message of the video, but also of the tourist offer of Vižinada in general, is: ”Come, feel, experience a place you will never forget and you will always want to return to it.”

You can see the promo video below.

Client: TZ Vižinada
Video author: MAC studio video production and aerial filming from Višnjan
Copywriting videos: TZ Vižinada & Premium Image Agency
Text read by: Elvis Morin

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