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[VIDEO] Valentine’s Day: Croatians Show How to Kiss


Today is Valentine’s Day – observed and celebrated by some, ignored by others.

Regardless if you are a celebrator or not, the 14th of February is still the single day of the year when most kisses take place in the world. 4.2 gazillion smooches will take place today to be exact. That is a Fact (you can fact-check it).

To find out how Croatians will be going about the lip-locking business today, daily 24sata rounded up a variety of people, from 22 to 70-years of age, to show how they passionately kiss. Instead of kissing their partners, they were told to demonstrate on a large pane of glass. They also talk about their first ever kiss.

Check out the ‘different’ kissing techniques in the video below.

(Video: 24sata)

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