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VIDEO: Teaching my girls the Croatian national anthem, one year on

 Chloii and Kaleesi Kukulj-Tinelli

PERTH, 30 September 2020 – Exactly one year ago, two cute sisters in Australia went viral with their rendition of the Croatian national anthem filmed in their living room. 

Although not fluent in the Croatian language, Chloii (8) and Kaleesi (7) Kukulj-Tinelli have mastered the Croatian national anthem. The sisters dance folklore in Perth, Western Australia and when their teacher asked all the kids to learn the Croatian national anthem, it was left to their mum, Lidia, to teach them.

“They practiced at home and in the car. I found practicing in the car the best, we only listen to Croatian music, it’s my way of starting to teach them the language” said Lidia. “So, every time when were in the car it was for learning the Croatian national anthem.”

The video of the third generation Australian duo inspired parents and children alike all around the world.

“Mothers from all around the world were contacting me that we inspired them. Families in Croatia were contacting us and saying their own children born in Croatia did not know anthem,” Lidia says. 

“I love being able to educate my girls about my Croatian heritage & culture. As well as all the other cultures in this wonderful world of ours. One of the best ways for me to teach my girls the Croatian language is through song. The girls are slowly learning the language, for now, they can mostly understand more than they can speak.”  

A year on, the girls have sung it again, this time inside the West Australian Croatian Church with renowned Australian Croatian musician Stanko Panic on keyboard.

Video below. 

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