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VIDEO: Spectacular show in Šibenik as ‘Funcuti’ turns 40

Spectacular celebrations last night in Šibenik as 'Funcuti' turns 40

(Screenshot/YouTube/UN Funcuti Šibenik)

Funcuti Šibenik, a fan association dedicated to supporting sports teams in Šibenik, Croatia, celebrated their 40th birthday with an unforgettable pyro display. 

Funcuti Šibenik lit up the sky with 250 signal rockets that were launched from various locations throughout the city. The impressive display of fireworks and pyrotechnics amazed those in attendance and created a lasting memory for everyone who witnessed it.

Check out the amazing drone footage below from @maropetar. 

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The festivities continued with a concert in the main square featuring some of top local performers, including Ivo Spahija and the Pandora Band, HRAM, DJ Mika, and DJ Britzz.

Funcuti Šibenik was founded on April 10, 1983, a day after the legendary basketball match when Dražen Petrović scored for Šibenka to give them a 83:82 win over Bosnia  in the Yugoslav championship finals. 

Funcuti Šibenik are not just basketball fans; with the same enthusiasm, they support the clubs in other sports as well – in football, indoor football and water polo and have been an integral part of the local sports scene now for four decades.

Watch the celebrations below or on the link here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDF0q1_pXaQ

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