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[VIDEO] Rivers of Croatia: Help Tell the Untold Story

Help Rivers of Croatia  (photo credit: Goran Šafarek)

Croatian scientist, photographer, and filmmaker Goran Šafarek, who has been protecting and promoting Croatian rivers for over 10 years, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help his new film.

A biologist by profession, Goran turned to media, as a very useful tool for the promotion of both values and threats to Croatia’s rivers. He wrote the monograph Rivers of Croatia, dozens of articles published in prestigious magazines such as National Geographic and GEO, and has also produced several smaller films.

Now, it is time for a big one – a documentary titled River of Croatia.

Krk NP (photo credit: Goran Šafarek)

“Our aim is to spread the word across the world about these lifelines of our planet. We have witnessed its unique values, spectacular landscapes, and preserved wildlife, but also the destruction that came with human encroachment”, says Goran, who has become passionately connected with Croatia’s rivers, before adding.

River Zrmanja (photo: Goran Šafarek)

“While filming this movie, but even before that, we started to live with our rivers, getting to know their every corner, revealing all the hidden secrets so that we can show in the movie their true reality. Although still largely preserved, rivers in Croatia are under constant threat of destruction and regulation.”

(photo: Goran Šafarek)

Helping the movie Rivers of Croatia will help people that live along our rivers, in harmonious coexistence with them.

The documentary will tell a story to the world that is rarely heard. It will be about their secrets, hidden beauty, mysterious processes, but also the problems and threats they face daily, and a recipe for a harmonious coexistence with people.

“What we learned is that we can’t live without rivers, our oasis of life. But more importantly, the rivers were here long before human beings, and in this short period of time since we share space on the Earth with them we have almost completely destroyed them. And now is the time when we have to take responsibility to protect this small part of unruined rivers that remains, and preserve them for tomorrow when we will be no more, but an oasis of life will continue to flow, to eternity”, he says.

(photo: Goran Šafarek)

The goal of the crowdfunding campaign is to raise 15,000 USD, which will be used to cover some of the costs of the remaining required filming, and transport to locations that are scattered all over the country.

You can help out the campaign by visiting the page HERE.

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trailer “Rivers of Croatia” from goran safarek on Vimeo.

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