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[VIDEO] Racy YouTube Hit Earns Croatian Dancers Chance at Stardom

YonceIt is how now-famous Croatian cello duo 2Cellos started out, and now four dancers from the Croatian cities of Zagreb and Osijek are hoping that a raunchy video posted on YouTube can also propel them to stardom…

Recently Brita Bobetić, Karla Ileš, Lucija Marković, and Martina Vuletić posted a video of their choreographed dance routine to Beyoncé’s hit Partition on YouTube, and after more than 150,000 hits, and impressing a number of Chinese viewers, the girls have been invited on a dance tour in far-away China, where they will be performing side by side with some of the best.

“Of course it is a huge opportunity for all of us,” said Lucija , before the girl’s head off to the most population nation in the world for what could be their big break.

“In Croatia the dance scene is not so developed. There are dancers, clubs, but dancing is not something which is considered something you can live from (in Croatia),” said Martina to RTL.

The girls will be under the watchful eye of many, and who knows what it may lead to.

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