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VIDEO Mazda film TV commercial for new model in Croatia


14 April 2019 – Japanese multinational car maker Mazda has selected a 90-year old bridge in Lika, Croatia to film their television commercial for one of their new models. 

The new TV commercial for the Mazda CX-5 for the German market was filmed at Kosinj Bridge in Lika. 

Looking for an original destination to shoot the commercial for the new Mazda model, location scouts searched up and down Croatia before settling on the impressive Kosinj bridge, Novi List writes. 

The 70-metre stone bridge connects the Upper and Lower Kosinj which is near the town of Perušić. 

The bridge was designed in the 19th century and was modelled on the old Croatian bridge-building technique of uklinjenjem kamena (clipping stone). The bridge features piers designed to reduce or eliminate scour damage.Not only does this design help relieve the impact of waves on the bride, but it creates symmetrical circles in the water.

Kosinj Bridge (Photo credit: Zeljko/Wikicommons)

Kosinj bridge was officially opened first for traffic in 1936, 7 years after construction started. 

The ad is great promotion for Lika and Croatia on the German market. 

You can see the video below:

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