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[VIDEO] Jastrebarsko – A Charming Little Town


Situated in the Zagreb County, the charming little town of Jastrebarsko has it all – charm, lovely people, history and top-class apples…

The town got its name from ‘jastreb’, the Croatian word for ‘hawk’ because of the practicers of falconry who were active in the area. A remnant of falconry can also be found in the Jastrebarsko coat of arms, which features a yellow goshawk on a blue background. The first mention of the name is found in a 1249 document of the Croatian ban Stjepan Gutkeled as “lands of Jastraburcza”.

Today the town of Jastrebarsko and its 3 adjacent municipalities: Klinča Sela, Krašić and Žumberak, boats a population of around 30,000 people.

Touristar TV decided to pay the charming town a visit to find out more. In this interesting video we find out more about the old water-mill that dates from 1882, learn about the importance and the history of water-mills in that area, and what goes on an eco farm and the funny things you can do on it. (main photo credit/croatia.hr)

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