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VIDEO: Health Spot – Croatia – A healthcare tourism destination

Health Spot Croatia

5 February 2019 – Health tourism in the world is rapidly increasing in popularity and is quickly becoming one of the main motivators of travel, but it also represents a great potential for long-term sustainable development, especially in Croatia.

This will be the main theme of the big conference HEALTH SPOT – CROATIA being held in Zagreb today when 200 experts in healthcare, medicine, wellness and tourism from Croatia and all over the world discuss perspectives of further development and present ways to create new products to connect tourism and health services.

As we become more aware of the importance of preserving good health and quality of life, health is one of the most compelling reasons to travel in the modern world, making health tourism an industry with an outstanding potential for long-term sustainable development.

“In Croatia, a country with a long-standing history in both tourism and professional healthcare, health tourism is a promising tourist sector with a great potential for growth based on the extraordinary qualities of its mild climate, ecological soundness, cultural heritage and natural beauty, as well as professional expertise of its tourism and healthcare professionals. Health tourism provides an excellent opportunity to further posit Croatia and Zagreb as an attractive year-round tourist destination,” the organisers said. 

The conference provides an opportunity for interaction between providers of tourist and health services.

“We believe that the Health Spot – Croatia conference is an important step in making Croatia and Zagreb very attractive as a health tourism destination.”

Speakers at the conference include CEO and President of the Cleveland Clinic, Tomislav Mihaljević, Dragan Primorac, President of Board of Trustees at St. Catherine Hospital, Gero Graff, founder of Qunomedical in Berlin and Croatia’s Minister of Tourism, Gari Cappelli.

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