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[VIDEO] Head to Omiš for an Adrenaline Fix


Next time you are in Croatia and looking to get your adrenaline going, head to the Dalmatian town of Omiš and give Zipline a crack…

What is Zipline you ask? Zipine where you race down the canyon of the famous Cetina River at up to 65 km/h on a steel wire rope, secured with a belt. The experience also includes training and a short walk in nature.

Zipline is located 3 km from Omiš and has 8 wires totalling 2100m in length. Depending on the size of the group, Zipline gives you up to 3 hours of unforgettable fun and a different view of some spectacular nature.


For more info check out Zipline’s website here.

Check out Split couple Maja and Diano Jurić, famous for their fantastic time-lapse videos of Croatia, as they experience Zipline in person.

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