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VIDEO: Croatian language on deleted scene of film “Titanic”

 Croatian language on deleted scene of film “Titanic"


On the 25th anniversary of the iconic film “Titanic,” deleted scenes were released, offering fans a new glimpse into the movie. 

Among these scenes, one notable discovery was a moment where the Croatian language can be heard. 

Director James Cameron and the film crew included this scene as a tribute to the Croatian passengers aboard the ship. It serves as a reminder of the enduring impact of the film and its ability to captivate audiences worldwide even after a quarter-century.

The scene depicts passengers which were in third class. In the foreground are Italian Fabrizio and Helga, and in the background, you can hear a female voice yell out.

“Frano, donesi rakije, je*ote.”

It is not known exactly why the name Frano was used because there was no Frano among the passengers. However, there is one Frano who can be connected to the Titanic, and that is journalist Frano Supilo, who was the first to report on the accident that happened on the Titanic, 24sata writes.

On the Titanic, there were 30 Croatian passengers, and only three of them survived. More about the Croatians who survived can be read here. 

The scene where Croatian can heard is from around the 6:42 mark on the video below. 

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