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[VIDEO] Croatian Concept_One Electric Super Car Drag Races Porsche 918 Spyder

Concept_One and the Porsche 918 line up (photo: Rimac)

Concept_One and the Porsche 918 line up (photo: Rimac)

The Croatian electric super car takes on the what is considered the fastest accelerating production car ever made in the US…

When the world’s first all electric super car, the Concept_One produced by Croatia’s Rimac Automobili, beat the Tesla P90D L and LeFerrari in a drag race recently it sparked the appetite of motoring enthusiasts for more. While the LaFerrari is an extremely impressive car, many called for a race against the Porsche 918 which is the most hybridized and only four wheel driven member of the so called “Holy Trinity”. It is also considered the fastest accelerating production car ever made.

After getting the green light from the US-based owner of a Concept_One, the challenge to race the two was on. The race was held on on the Milan Raceway in Michigan.

“The 918 was dominant in most of the head-to-head comparisons between the Holy Trinity (McLaren P1, LaFerrari and Porsche 918) so we weren’t really sure what to expect. This was the big boy’s league and I must admit – I was nervous. We didn’t have the opportunity to try this before so we were also risking to lose in front of a big audience. Still, we were more than happy to try and show what the car can do. I thought to myself: “Even if we lose, it is not so bad to lose against one of the best performance cars ever made – the Porsche 918”, Concept_One creator Mate Rimac said.


The two cars went through 6 proper full-throttle runs with the Concept_One winning all but one.

“While I have hoped that the Concept_One will be faster, I was quite surprised by which margin it won a few times. Out of the 6 proper runs we did, the Concept_One won all but one – when I did a mistake during launch”, Rimac said.

The Concept_One consumes 1,96 kWh of energy for a full-throttle ¼ mile run – and recovers a good portion of that energy back after the finish line. A liter of gasoline holds about 9,4 kWh of energy.

“We could say that the Concept_One used the equivalent of about 1,5 liters of gasoline that day – for six full runs and two test runs. The Concept_One was at 95% State of Charge before the first run and ended the last run with 72% SoC – plenty of juice for more runs.”

Check out the video below:

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