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[VIDEO] Croatian & Argentine Music Joins for Bilingual Duet


Croatian spiritual group RiM, which is run by sisters Ružica and Maja Nedić, have recorded an interesting duet with young Argentine singer Athenas…

The bilingual (Spanish-Croatian) spiritual song “Vida en Ti – Zivot moj si Ti” (engl. “Lord, You Have Come” ) is a story of how the love for spiritual music and the Holy Father Pope John Paul II brought together young musicians from three continents.

The cooperation between the Croatians and Argentine came after the Nedić sisters heard on a rendition of “Pescador de hobres” (Croatian “Krist na žalu”; Polish “Barka; English “Lord, You Have Come”) performed by Athenas on YouTube. They contacted her via Facebook and it spontaneously led to this musical collaboration.

The music was written by Athenas, and arrangement and production was done by Jonathan Narvaez. Anthenas’ vocals were recorded in Spanish in Narvaez’s studio, whilst Ružica and Maja recorded their Croatian vocals and Spanish backing vocals in Zagreb in the studio of Ante Gelo. The video, like the song, was recorded intercontinental in Zagreb and Buenos Aires.

An interesting team of top musicians from three continents took part in the realization of the song “Vida en Ti / Zivot moj si Ti”. Besides Athenas and the Nedić sisters and Ružica and guitarist and producer Narvaez from Argentina, the rhythm section consisted of two Americans, drummer Cristian Borneo (from the legendary Christian rock group Petra) and bass guitarist Gary Lunn (from the group White Heart and a member of the Dolly Parton band).

Check out the video below:

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