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VIDEO: Crew spots Mediterranean monk seal in Croatian waters giving hope for the endangered species’ return

Yesterday, in the Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park in Croatia, the camera of the M/B Nocturno ship captured something that the crew believes was a Mediterranean monk seal.

This is not the first reported sighting; in fact, there have been multiple sightings over the last two years. The possibility that this once-native resident of the area has returned brings hope and excitement to the researchers.

The crew aboard the ship had the incredible opportunity to witness the Mediterranean monk seal in person before heading back to check if the sighting was captured on the ship’s camera.

The Mediterranean monk seal, also known as Monachus monachus, is one of the most endangered seal species in the world.

Historically, they were common in various regions of the Mediterranean Sea, but due to human impacts such as overfishing, habitat destruction, and disturbance in breeding areas, their populations have dramatically declined.

According to some reecent estimates, there are just 700 Mediterranean monk seals in the world.

Check out the video below. 

If this recent sighting is indeed confirmed as a Mediterranean monk seal, it could hold significant implications for conservation efforts in the Lastovo Archipelago. The return of this species to its former habitat could indicate an improvement in environmental conditions and may even signal the potential for natural ecological restoration in the area.

Researchers and conservationists are likely to be closely monitoring the situation, conducting further investigations, and gathering more data. Confirming the presence of the Mediterranean monk seal in the region would prompt the implementation of measures to protect its habitat and ensure its safety.

The Mediterranean monk seal plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance of marine ecosystems. As top predators, they help regulate the populations of various marine species, contributing to the health of the underwater environment.

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