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[VIDEO] British Pickup Artist’s 9-Minute Advice for Croatia

A self-proclaimed British ‘pickup artist’, who says he has been studying the ‘game’ since 2005, has produced a 9-minute video clip advising blokes how to win over the ladies in Croatia…

Eddie Hitchens, who is the founder of the website Street Attraction, which coaches men on all things connected with women, has just returned from Croatia and has decided to give his readers advice on ‘the country, the girls, the game, and how to get laid there’.

“Croatian girls are hot. They are generally tall and slim with light olive skin, brown eyes and brunette hair, but there some blue-eyed blondes. Most are feminine and sexy and outshone the tourists. You will quiet a few rejections so you will need to increase your approach rate,” Hitchens started off saying in the video. Watch the full clip below.


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