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VIDEO: Autumn magic in Zagreb’s Maksimir Park

Autumn magic in Zagreb's Maksimir Park

Falling leaves, the changing of colours of trees, the smell in the air…there are many reasons why autumn is such a beautiful season. 

One of the most beautiful places during autumn in Croatia is Maksimir Park in Zagreb. Maksimir Park is the oldest public park in the capital. Maksimir Park was the first large public park in South-Eastern Europe and was opened in 1794 under the initiative of the man for whom it was named, Bishop Maksimilijan Vrhovac of Zagreb (1752–1827).

The park forms part of the city’s cultural heritage and is a habitat for many different plant and animal species.

To illustrate how magical autumn is in Maksimir Park, Dominik Brlečić has made an impressive cinematic video. The drone shots in the video were done by Sven Kučinić.

magical autumn is in Maksimir Park

Dominik Brlečić

You can watch the video below. 

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