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Vedran Ćorluka & His Water Polo Cap Earn Place in UEFA Museum

A place in football history (photo: REUTERS/Jason Cairnduff)

A place in football history for Ćorluka (photo: REUTERS/Jason Cairnduff)

Croatian defender Vedran Ćorluka has earned himself a place in UEFA’s football museum…

Ćorluka created history against the Czech Republic when he became the first player ever to play in a water polo cap. After having his head cracked open from a challenge in Croatia’s opening match against Turkey, Ćorluka surprised everyone when he donned a water polo cap after the wound kept opening up during the match against the Czech Republic.

Ćorluka bleeding against Turkey

Ćorluka bleeding against Turkey

On Friday as he lined up with his water polo cap on before the match against Spain, UEFA were giving it the once over to check that it was OK to play in. After telling him to remove the ear protectors, they gave it the green light and asked his permission to capture the moment so that it could be kept forever in UEFA’s museum.

(photo: Getty Images)

(photo: Getty Images)

Croatia’s physio Nderim Redžaj is credited with coming up with the idea to wear the water polo cap.

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