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Varaždin Board Game Developers Break Record on Crowdfunding Platform

CroatiaCrowdfunding is a relatively new concept in Croatia, but slowly more and more companies are using it as a tool to get their businesses off the ground. Machina Arcana, a team of nine from the northern Croatian town of Varaždin, have just become the most successful Croatian crowdfunding project…

Machina Arcana, which is a cooperative steam punk horror board game for 1-4 players, have just raised 142,790 USD, more than 7 times the amount (20,000 USD) for which they were looking for on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The team will use the funds to start producing the game, which lets players take on the role of explorers who are thrown into dreadful halls, scratching for survival and progressing through the chapters of one from many horror stories. Machina Arcana says that the game will most likely be produced in China, but they are interested in working with companies in Germany and the U.S also.

Entrepreneurs so far from Croatia have collected more than 1.5 million kuna (266,000 USD) via Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Top 5 Croatian Kickstarter Crowdfunding Projects
1. Machina Arcana – 142,000 USD
2. Legends of Dawn – 46,000 USD
3. Enfojner – 38,000 USD
4. Goulash Disko Festival – 9,000 USD
5. Album – Sane – 3,000 USD

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