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Unique Astronomical Tourist Offering In Rijeka

Whether in transit to another destination, or simply holidaying in the Croatian seaport city of Rijeka, known for its rich industrial building heritage (yes, the first torpedo factory in the world was built-in Rijeka in 1866) and easy-going atmosphere, there is a new addition on its touristic plate you wont want to miss this season.

From June 6 to September 11, the Astronomical Centre Rijeka offers its visitors a unique astronomical-film experience. Every Wednesday at 7pm in the Centre’s Digital Planetarium, a screening of Realm of Light, a film journey trough space and time, telling the story of life and its evolution from the Big Bang until the modern age of man is taking place. Realm of Light was filmed for screening in digital planetarium (on its dome-shaped 360° projection screen), and will be screened with German, French, Russian and Spanish language translations for tourists.

Astronomical Centre Rijeka it is the first and the only Astronomical Centre in Croatia which includes both the observatory and the planetarium. The digital planetarium is the only one of its kind, not only in Croatia, but also in the region. It is located a few kilometers away from the city centre, on the top of the Sv. Kriz Hill (the Holy Cross Hill), which is considered to be the oldest archaeological site in Rijeka.
More on what Astronomical Centre Rijeka has to offer here and a trailer to Real of Light here.

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