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UEFA Visit Renovated Slavonian Stadiums Damaged in Catastrophic Floods

UEFA representative Mohamed Taa has visited renovated stadiums in Slavonia in eastern Croatia this week. The stadiums were fixed after suffering damage during devastating floods in the region in 2014.

Mohamed Taa was joined by HNS Head of International Affairs and Licensing Ivančica Sudac, HNS officer Jurica Bodrožić, architect Eugen Popović, club representatives and Vukovar and Srijem County Football Federation president Josip Kuterovac.

Flooding which hit Slavonia in 2014

Stadiums in several towns were damaged in catastrophic floods in 2014 and the clubs and UEFA expressed satisfaction with the completed work.

In late June 2016, renovated grounds were fully equipped, including automatic irrigation. The clubs – NK Srijemac Strošinci, NK Borac Drenovci, NK Posavac Posavski Podgajci, and NK Sloga Račinovci took over the maintenance process.

The renovation of NK Jadran Gunja stadium, including the ground with automatic irrigation, is to begin in early 2017 with the contractor already selected.

UEFA representative was extremely happy with the completed work at the four grounds, emphasizing that this is exactly what the clubs need – fully equipped quality pitch.

Moreover, club representatives are equally happy with the new grounds. The maintenance activities are in compliance with contractor’s guidelines.

The grounds are used very often, not only for training sessions and home team matches, but they are also being used by neighbouring clubs.

These clubs are especially grateful to FIFA, UEFA, and Croatian Football Federation for all the assistance and this praiseworthy, specific and a true footballing donation, since all the grounds are often the only place for gathering of children, youth, and locals.

(Source & photo credits: HNS)

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