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Uber Launches in Croatia on Thursday


Uber, the mobile-app-based transportation network which connects you with a driver in minutes, will be available in Zagreb from today…

After conquering 62 markets the popular application which is available in more than 340 cities around the world, Uber on Thursday will launch in Croatia for the first time. Uber will go live in Zagreb at 12:00 o’clock on Thursday.

Loic Amado, the man responsible for bringing Uber to Croatia, says that the app will make the standard taxi service 20 to 25% cheaper.

“We are very excited that we are here (in Croatia),” says Amado, who says although Uber will only be available in Zagreb, the company have plans to expand in Croatia.

Whilst Uber allows customers to submit a trip request, which is then routed to crowd-sourced private drivers, in Zagreb the service will start with UberX licensed taxi drivers only, which there are over 1,300 in the capital. Practically any taxi driver who is licensed and had his own vehicle can become a Uber user.

“We are not expecting any problems. We have talked with the authorities in the Zagreb and representatives from the Ministry of Transport and Finance. In Croatia we will comply with all laws and pay all taxes,” added Amado.

Zagreb businessman Saša Cvetojević will be the first person in Croatia ride with the new Uber service.

“I am a big fan of Uber, and not just because it is convenient, fast and reliable. What I support is the change that Uber and other innovative companies bring to this state. They accelerate progress and bring positive changes that are necessary. For this reason I support Uber’s arrival in Zagreb and I intend to use it regularly,” explains Cvetojević.

Over the last couple of months since Uber announced their intentions to operate in Zagreb, their app has been downloaded more than 13,000 times. Because of Croatia’s thriving tourist scene, Uber plan next year to launch in Dubrovnik, Split and on some of the Croatian islands.

How Uber will work in Zagreb

1. Via an installed app users can order transport.

2. The app locates the user and forwards the request to the closest registered Uber driver, which in Zagreb will only be registered taxi drivers at this stage. Users will be able to follow the driver’s movements on their smartphone.

3. After the service is complete the fee is deducted from the user’s credit card which is submitted at registeration. Commission is taken by Uber and the driver from the fee.

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