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Try Blue Wine in Split

A team of 6 young Spanish entrepreneurs recently revolutionised the world of wine by making the world’s first ever blue wine…

It took two years of in-dept research, closely collaborating with several leading technological institutes within the food industry, until this team entrepreneurs launched the world’s first blue wine onto the market. A sweet and fresh taste and the vibrant Indigo colour are the main characteristics of Gïk, aimed to create an accessible wine for all young people between 18 and 70 years old.

But Gïk is much more than a simple wine company. According to its co-founders, “Drinking Gïk is not just about drinking blue wine; you are drinking innovation. You are drinking creation. You are breaking the rules and creating your own ones. You are reinventing traditions”. In fact, the ultimate goal of the team is to promote creativity and enhance inspiration among creators in all fields: music, entrepreneurial, art, fashion, literature, etc.

Due to their innovative working structure and the flexibility allowed by the technological process which improves both the colour and the taste of the grapes, they work with various vineyards all over Spain. They carefully choose these vineyards for their grape varieties and their innovative mindset, avoiding the complexity of being governed by any dictatorial Denomination of Origin.


The blue wine is starting to spread around Europe before a release date in the US later this year. You can try a glass of Gïk blue wine exclusively now in Croatia in the Dalmatian city of Split at Kantoon Bar (Put Firula 57).


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