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Trogir: 10 Things to Check Out

Trogir (photo credit: Alex Proimos under CC)

By Iva Ralica

Trogir – the city of a happy moment – is located on the Dalmatian coast just outside of Split.

The oldest written monument in the area is the inscription on the relief of Kairos, the Greek God of Happy Moments, from the 4th century BC. It is said that one needs to grab a tuft of his hair to gain some luck. So, coming to this gorgeous “Stone Beauty” means a step closer to very happy and unforgettable moments.

Trogir (Photo: Tour of Croatia)

This cultural pearl has over 2,000 years of tradition and the entire old centre is under the protection of UNESCO.

Trogir hides a great number of beautiful palaces and monuments to visit and here are only some of the magnificent sights.

1. Fortress Kamerlengo

(photo credit: www.all-free-photos.com)

Built in the 15th century, around 1420, the fortress was connected to the city walls. Climbing up to see the town from above as well as the gorgeous port and the sea is a magnificent experience.

2. The City Cathedral

(photo credit: www.all-free-photos.com)

This unique example of a few artistic styles from the 13th to the 16th century also hides the Portal – the most famous monument of Dalmatian sculpture. It depicts lions with Adam and Eve, symbolizing Venice. The 47-meter high cathedral tower offers one other gorgeous view over the old town.

3. Town Hall

Clocktower next to the town hall (photo: www.all-free-photos.com)

Built in the 15th century, this beautiful example of Gothic architecture has a yard decorated with monumental staircase. Until 1848, only the nobles were permitted to enter. Today this monument continues to guard the city administration.

4. The Ćipiko Palace

(photo: MartinBroz Under CC)

This palace was a home to a prominent family in the 15th century. Even though it is not opened to the public, the outside is admirable itself, with Gothic details surrounding the windows. The palace itself s comprised of few houses and the construction began in the early Middle Age and 13th century.

5. City Museum

(photo credit: Muzej Grada Trogira)

Located in the Garagnin – Fanfogna Palace, the museum hides a rich history of the town. The library belonging to the Garagnin – Fanfogna family and the stone fragments and sculptures dating back to the Antique are only fragments of the interesting past times.

6. South Gate of the city

(photo: TZTrogir)

“Porta civitatis” is decorated with Renaissance ornaments and guarded by the large wooden doors, preserved in its original appearance. On the eastern side, the Small Loggia had been used for passengers to rest and wait for the morning when the gates would have been opened again. Today, this is an open gallery and souvenir shop where you could find interesting artifacts.

7. Pantana beach and Okrug Gornji

(photo: trogir-okrug.com)

Pantana – a beautiful sandy beach is surrounded by pine trees and the shadows they cast. It is settled near the city and easily reached, and offers a wide variety of sports activities. Okrug Gornji is the most popular beach on Trogir Riviera, the 2 kilometers long pebble beach is also known as the Copacabana of Trogir because of the many bars and restaurants surrounded by the different rhythms of the music.

8. Medena beach

Medena Beach

This 3 kilometers long promenade with bars, tennis courts and stands offering jet-skis, kayaks, windsurfing and many other interesting water sports, is only a few kilometers away from the old town of Trogir. This pebble beach is ideal for the adrenalin lovers as well as the families with children.

9. Get lost in the city


Unforgettable experience. Without maps and plans, the city is small enough to get lost and be found very soon again. Every little stone house or a small palace on the way, churches, gates, statues and other monuments from diverse historical periods will show you exactly why Trogir is called “The Stone Beauty”.

Also, visit the Benedictine Monastery of St. Nicholas where the relief of Kairos is being kept. Walk over the bridge and see Čiovo, see the narrow sea canals surrounding the city and visiting the historical monuments evokes a unique feeling of a world heritage in a small Croatian town.

10. Water – Pantan Mill

(photo credit: Pantan.net)

This reservation, once a large swamp, is only 3 km away from the city. The spot where fresh and salt water mix is a resort for many species of birds. While resting in the Renaissance mills, enjoy the nature a bit different from the usual seaside experience!

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