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Traditional New Year’s Day swim in Croatian coastal cities

Swimmers brave the cold on New Year’s Day in Croatia (Photo credit: HINA/Daniel Sponza)

ZAGREB, Jan 1 (Hina) – On Tuesday, the very first day of 2019, dozens of revellers took part in the traditional New Year Day’s swim in Pula, Sibenik and some other Croatian Adriatic cities.

In Pula, some 50 swimmers joined in the celebration of the New Year Day by participating in the first swim of the year in the Mornar bathing facility.

The oldest swimmer, Alma Seslija, who initiated this New Year Day swim some twenty and odd years ago, today also celebrated her 88th birthday.

The second oldest swimmer today was Jakov Barac, 84, who arrived in Pula as a refugee from Vukovar in 1992 and since then he has been practicing swimming in the sea all year round.

Today, the sea temperature was 12 degrees Celsius, and for the swimmers it was warmer in the water than on the beach.

In Sibenik, this traditional event took part on the “Banj” beach with nine men and three women taking part in the New Year Day dive.

The temperature in this city was 10 degrees Celsius, while the temperature of the sea was a mere six degrees.

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