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Traditional Croatian Bracera Sailing Vessel on Educational Tour

photo credit: (ljubogamulin.hr)

photo credit: (ljubogamulin.hr)

A replica of the traditional Croatian bracera sailing vessel ”Gospa od mora” (Our Lady of the Sea), which was a coastal cargo sailing vessel which originated in Dalmatia and first recorded in 16th century chronicles, has just finished a 10-day educational trip along the coast…

The unique one masted bracera sailed from Split to Dubrovnik promoting Croatian maritime heritage, giving kids on board had a chance to learn more about the traditional vessels.

“Our vision to is to teach kids the skills needed on this type of boat so we save the future of boats on the Adriatic and that there are even more boats around,” said one of the organisers Linda Franuloviić.

Braceras formed the backbone of the commercial fleet on the Adriatic Sea with one masted one being the most prominent and best known. This solid and very mobile boat with wide hips and blunt bow was particularly suitable for commerce and communication between the many islands of the Adriatic as well as neighboring coasts.


“They learnt marine skills (on this trip) as well as how to work together, team work and communication, all that is needed on these type of boats,” said project initiator James Bender Adriatic Marine Institute.

The replica bracera was launched in 2011 and is now used as an educational boat around Dubrovnik waters. It was designed by Velimir Salamon and was hand-built in Betina on the island of Murter by a traditional boat shipbuilder Mile Jadrešić. Her first captain was Mr. Jadran Gamulin, a great devotee of the sea, boats and maritime heritage.

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