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TOURISMlink Coming To Croatia

TOURISMlink is a European demonstration action aiming at improving the competitiveness of the tourism sector by facilitating the flow of information among service suppliers, customers and traditional tourism enterprises through the creation of a pilot B2B platform where tourism service providers can manage and distribute different offers and products, and they are now taking their project to Croatia.

TOURISMlink’s aims: to connect travel agents and tour operators with small travel businesses across Europe, and effectively facilitate tailored packaging.  See how, through a travel agent, a tourist will be able to find a trip that perfectly suits their needs, including not only hotels and flights but also complementary offers.

All tourism companies in Croatia, especially SMEs, are welcome to join the online community which allows them to participate directly to the development of simple, low-cost, easy to use and interoperable solutions. Watch the animated video below to find out more or visit TOURISMlink website here.

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