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To Croatia – A David and Goliath Tale

CroatiaAn American entrepreneur couple are taking on the famous Croatian bureaucracy and defying the odds with an International Crowdfunding Campaign.

Married couple Brian and Kristen Wimberley are the founders of {go} Quixotic, which has just launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to open a truly quixotic epicurean cafe/bar in Split, Croatia. Facing tremendous success and cold criticism, {go} Quixotic, goes into week two of their campaign ready for more. Crowdfunding is mostly unknown in Croatia and the region, but the couple run toward the challenge like Don Quixote to the windmills,  all the while, if successful, Croatian bureaucracy looms around the corner for the Texas natives, which might stall their project completely.

“We are asking for public support both in Croatia and worldwide to help us see our project get funded as well as shine more light onto the newest EU country,” Brian told Croatia Week.

The Wimberley’s have so far raised over $4,300 of the $64,500 they are seeking to get their Split epicurean cafe/bar up and running. You can support them and check their progress here.

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