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The world’s most diet-obsessed nations revealed – Croatia 11th

9 September 2019 – Croatia has been ranked the 11th most diet-obsessed nation in the world according to a report using Google Trends’ data. 

Millions of people around the world go on diets every year and to find out which nations lead the way, Chef’s Pencil have analysed Google Trends’ data for searches on the topic of Diet (nutrition) which includes diet-related searches made in local languages, to come up with the list. 

Google provides a country and city score, which shows the local interest-level for diet-related searches. Croatia’s diet of interest in 2018 was a diet known as the Liposuction Diet, which aims to shed fat without subjecting the dieter to actual liposuction. Keto and dijeta 10%, which aims to shed 10% of body mass in 3 weeks, were the next most popular. 

Locally, the highest interest in diet-related searches was in Pozega-Slavonia County (Score 100), Vukovar-Srijem County (Score 93), Virovitica- Podravina County (Score 91), Krapina-Zagorje County (Score 88), and Zagreb (Score 86) counties. 

In first place on the list was Poland, followed by Australia and the United States. New Zealand and Moldova rounded out the Top 5. You can see the Top 15 nations below. 

Top 15 Countries for Diet Searches:

1.        Poland (Google Trends Score: 100)
2.        Australia (Google Trends Score: 83)
3.        United States (Google Trends Score: 78)
4.        New Zealand (Google Trends Score: 77)
5.        Moldova (Google Trends Score: 77)
6.        South Africa (Google Trends Score: 76)
7.        Georgia (Google Trends Score: 76)
8.        Lebanon (Google Trends Score: 74)
9.        Canada (Google Trends Score: 70)
10.      United Kingdom (Google Trends Score: 70).
11.      Croatia (Google Trends Score: 70).
12.      Qatar (Google Trends Score: 67).
13.      United Arab Emirates (Google Trends Score: 67).
14.      Ireland (Google Trends Score: 67).
15.      Romania (Google Trends Score: 65).

The data showed that diet-related searches peak at the beginning of the year and then steadily drop until the next New Year’s Day comes around. You can check out the full study, which contains additional charts and data here

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