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The Stunning Villa Belvedere – The Ideal Choice for Holiday, Retirement & Investment

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Croatia’s stunning coastline, pristine Adriatic Sea, fantastic climate and location makes it one of the best spots to holiday, or spend your retirement years, in the world. One location which certainly ticks all the boxes is the romantic Opatija Riviera. Whether it is a holiday home, an assisted living home, or even an investment, that you are after, then you can not go past the unique services offered by Villa Belvedere…

Villa Belvedere is a ground breaking residential development on the Opatija Riviera. This unique estate offers 22 fully renovated and furnished suites in a historic property, set in a lovely extensive garden, including pool and private parking. Villa Belvedere also offers it’s discerning residents a “Villa Lifestyle” though the spectrum of “boutique hotel style” services which make property ownership a pleasure for absentee foreign owners seeking true holiday comfort and the elegance which epitomizes the legendary Opatija Riviera.

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This management service, as well as providing reliable and consistent comfort and pleasure for holiday or retirement, also ensures a high standard of real estate investment for its residents. This is particularly important for absentee foreign owners, who many times aren’t aware of and are unable to deal with the collective problems they buy into when purchasing an apartment in a multi-unit building.

A quaint run down villa with multiple owners quickly turns from a charming fantasy fix up project to a dreadful endless nightmare in Croatia between poor contractors and malicious neighbors, which inevitably ends up in costly protracted and painful legal battles. Not how one wishes to spend their holiday or retirement and definitely a liability as far as a real estate investment is concerned. No other multi unit residential development in Croatia offers the level of quality, convenience, completeness and consistency that is offered at Villa Belvedere. No other multi-unit residential development in Croatia offers so much value through quality and service than Villa Belvedere offers for Holiday, Retirement and Investment specifically catered to the needs and standards of the foreign owner.


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Purchase, move in with your personal belongings and you are immediately on headache free holiday or retirement enjoying the stress free comfort and elegance of the Villa Lifestyle at Villa Belvedere. That is true value offered at Villa Belvedere and no where else in property investment in Croatia

Villa Lifestyle

What is “Villa Lifestyle”? Comfort, Convenience, Leisure, all in an elegant setting. From the moment one arrives at Villa Belvedere you are surrounded by beauty and elegance arranged for your pleasure and relaxation. The Villa is set in extensive grounds including: private parking, pool and formal terraces, common lawn with BBQ, fruit garden & children’s playground all surrounded by numerous flowers , water features and garden sculptures. The interiors of the suites of Villa Belvedere are equally impressive. From the grand lobby to the elegant suites with 4 meter high ceilings. One is surrounded by the relaxing grace and elegance that is Villa Belvedere and the Opatija Riviera. It is the only fully restored historic building, complete with an elegant interiors package, on the market. No other real estate property on the market offers so much value in this price bracket.

Boutique Hotel Style Services

The Villa alone speaks of luxury and elegance, but the Boutique Hotel Style Services is what makes living the “Villa Lifestyle” at Villa Belvedere a relaxing pleasure. Not only are the grounds, pool and all common areas, including flowered balconies, immaculately maintained for residents and covered under standard services. The complete WIFI, security system and resident web portal are also included. Additional services also available to residents on request, for additional comfort and convenience, include: In-suite housekeeping, laundry service, airport transfer, private driver, car storage, grocery shopping and in-suite meal preparation, babysitting and suite rental management, for those who wish to earn some income on their property while not occupied. These “Boutique Hotel Style” services make holiday property ownership a true pleasure.

Assisted Living Services

As well as being a beautiful holiday home Villa Belvedere is an attractive luxury residence for those seeking a retirement home with support for their immediate needs and a secure long term investment / holiday home for their families. Support for comfort and wellbeing is provided through ASSISTED LIVING SERVICES.

Description of Service

ASSISTED LIVING SERVICES is an extension of the “Boutique Hotel Style” services offered at Villa Belvedere augmented with a caregiver and wellness component. This is a personalized, private service at Villa Belvedere which includes (as required) assistance with: personal hygiene, exercises, massage, in home health check ups with personal qualified nurse, meal preparation based upon dietary needs, transportation, housekeeping, laundry, assistance with shopping and errands, day-trip excursions, liaising with doctors, family and health insurance company as requested or required in case of emergency.

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The head nurse at the local hospital in Lovran manages this service at Villa Belvedere, she is a senior nurse with extensive experience and local connections in the health care industry. In addition she has a specific interest and talent for the care and well being of elderly patients, and she speaks German, Italian and English fluently. The spectrum of care and cost for any residents requiring ASSISTED LIVING SERVICES is dependent upon the type and amount of service required. It is important appreciate that this is professional, personalized and exclusive care in a luxurious private setting.

Townhouse Suites

The ground floor Townhouse Suites (in particular) with Assisted Living Services are the perfect solution for an elderly (or person living with disability) wishing to retire on the Opatija Riviera who may need daily help or help “on call” but prefers to live independently and does not wish to go to an institutional setting.

The Perfect Location

The location of Villa Belvedere in the town of Lovran on the Opatija Riviera is the perfect setting for a holiday or retirement residence. The Opatija Riviera has many health and wellness facilities and professionals to support Assisted Living and Lovran itself has a therapeutic microclimate and is quite and is accessible for the elderly with many amenities and services within walking distance. All this with lovely water views and only steps away from the romantic waterfront promenade of the beautiful Lungo Mare, beaches and historic picturesque medieval town center of Lovran.

The location of Villa Belvedere is an ideal choice for retirement residence or holiday home with activities and interests throughout the year. In addition, the Kvarner region offers a great deal of diversity to discover: The majestic mountain of Ucka, the rugged Dalmatian coast and archipelago of the Adriatic, and the rolling hills of Istria are all within a short drive. Furthermore, some of the best highlights of Europe are only a few hours drive away: Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Austria are all close neighbors. Venice for instance is only 3 hour drive while Vienna is a 5 hour drive away. Location, accessibility and diversity is an enormous advantage to this location as opposed to other more remote and crowded locations down the coast such as Split or Dubrovnik.

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The Ideal Choice for Holiday, Retirement and Investment

Villa Belvedere epitomizes the Villa Lifestyle on the Opatija Riviera (a beautiful villa in a lovely garden with staff services for your comfort and convenience) and it is the only such development on the marketplace in Croatia. It’s value and uniqueness sets it apart from all other developments. Once the suites at Villa Belvedere are sold out there are no other similar developments (A complete, fully renovated multi-unit historic villa on the Opatija Riviera) on the marketplace, nor is it likely that a similar opportunity shall arise in the near future. This fact makes Villa Belvedere a sought after limited supply commodity and a sound Real Estate Investment.

Even through challenging market conditions Villa Belvedere has demonstrated steady sales, some residents have purchased multiple suites demonstrating their satisfaction and confidence in their investment. Only a select few suites at Villa Belvedere are furnished and released for sale at a time. The final group of suites have just been completed and released for sale. For further information see the website below and call to make an appointment for a personalized presentation of Villa Belvedere.

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Furnished Townhouse Suites with Private Garden from 275,000 Euros
website: www.villa-belvedere-croatia.com
e-mail: [email protected]
Tel: (385)-51-292-189 Mob: (385)-98-923-5568


Villa Belvedere

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