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The only Croatian app for construction workers launches

The only Croatian app for construction workers launches

The only Croatian app for construction workers launches (Stas Organizer)

The only Croatian app for construction workers: Savings up to couple thousand euros per month

The app was created not only for managers of construction companies, but also for workers, administrative staff on one hand, and other project experts on the other. Therefore, it is equally useful to a construction worker as it is to the owner of the construction company.

Although the construction industry is still one of the least digitised, digital solutions for this sector on the market are becoming more common. Thus, the Croatian construction software Stas Organizer was recently introduced, which, in addition to enabling fully digital management of a construction project it can also enable its users significant monthly savings in both time and resources.

What makes Stas Organizer different?

Considering that apps for the construction industry, although rare, are not new on the market, what is it that sets Stas Organizer apart from its competition?

Company representatives point out that the application is purpose-designed for absolutely every employee of a construction company, while most of the solutions that currently exist on the market are mainly aimed at management positions. Stas Organizer is designed for builders, workers and administrative employees on one hand, and other project managers such as architects, electricians and machinists on the other. So, the software is designed and is equally useful for a construction worker as it is for the manager of the construction company.

Tomislav Slišković, the owner of the company and the startup Stas Organizer, describes the solution through sports language:

– In a soccer club, for example, at the end of the day, the most important part are the players and they are the ones who carry the game, right? In this context, our app includes players and treats them equally as it does coaches and assistant coaches. What one manager gets with this is a realistic overview of how their company works and everything that is happening in real time. On the other hand, one construction worker has simple and quick access to all the information for which he previously had to personally go to the company’s headquarters, accounting, bookkeeping, etc.

Internal need for a solution

Startup Stas Organizer developed from an internal need, as a spin-off of the construction company of the same name, which has been present on the market for more than 30 years now. As with most construction companies, Stas had a problem with project management, especially task management, workforce and administration. Although digital solutions that help implement construction projects are not new on the market, Stas representatives say that none of them met all their needs. So they decided to develop their own system that will facilitate and optimise their business in all spheres.

While the entire system was developed internally for about a year, it was tested several times within Stas itself, which at the time had around 60 employees.

– We were aware that the first versions would not be good enough, but that’s why testing by our people, in all positions in the company, was exactly what was crucial for further development and the successful app we have today. After the update and bug fixes, we released the software again for testing within the company and repeated the entire process several times until we were satisfied. – Tomislav Slišković, owner of the Stas Organizer company and startup.

The only Croatian app for construction workers launches

Stas Organizer

Being technologically challenged is not a problem

Although the opinion that employees in the construction sector are not IT-educated today is more of a stereotype rather than a fact, in any case it does not represent a problem for using the Stas app. 

Onboarding of users, regardless of their position, role and hierarchy, does not last more than 10 minutes and does not require advanced levels of technical literacy.

When registering in the application, the user chooses their role as an employee or employer and chooses from various positions such as construction worker, repairman and warehouseman to project manager, administrator, accountant, etc.

Just some of the current functionalities of the Stas Organizer app are the organisation of people by construction sites, the assignment of tasks and projects to people based on their position and experience, the organisation of items and materials by worker, administration management, work hours management, vacation requests, tool loan application,…

More than 80% users switch to Stas Organizer 

Although the first client and “external” user of the application was introduced at the end of 2021, Stas Organizer is currently actively used by more than 80 clients, mostly Croatian construction companies.

The interesting thing is that more than 80% of these users used other softwares before, but after testing they decided to switch to Stas. According to Stas, the reason for this is the fact that their app is the only one on the market that enables complete digital management of the construction project and the company and is intended for all employees. Furthermore, feedback and suggestions from clients and users are taken seriously and often implemented into the application.

– To be honest, at the very beginning we did not think about developing a product that we’ll offer to others. We started with the idea specifically out of our own needs, but when we saw how a quality and useful product was created from it, we decided to make it available to others as well. The development of the application is continuous and does not stop, and it was the clients who gave us suggestions and whose advice we took into account when improving the software. In my opinion, the best way to develop an application or product is to take into account the user’s suggestions, because in the end, the app is designed for them – Tomislav Slišković, owner of the Stas Organizer company and application.

The only Croatian app for construction workers launches

Stas Organizer

Saving time and resources

Considering that the app was created in such a way that it facilitates many aspects of business, for different departments of the company, it consequently saves time. Furthermore, looking at the time savings per paid hour, there are also significant savings in monetary resources.

Slišković points out that their estimates are still in development and variable with regard to the intensity and extent of application use within one company. However, general conclusions are drawn based on the experiences of Stas users.

The calculation, as Stas representatives point out, is very simple. According to the estimate, if we consider that the general share of the administrative department of a construction company is around 15%, this means that 15% of people in the company manually enter a large amount of data and information. With the Stas solution, administrative tasks are estimated to be reduced by 1 to 2 hours per day, per person. If we include in that calculation an hourly rate of, for example, 10 euros per hour, we arrive at a monthly saving of 3 to 6 thousand euros in a company of, for example, 100 people.

– This is a general assessment for a company that numbers 100 people and doesn’t use app functionalities in full. Although the app offers a number of different functionalities and benefits, people rarely use all the options, but those that they need the most at the moment and that bring them the fastest and most efficient results. What we found is that if the functionalities of the software are used to the maximum and by all employees, the savings could be significantly greater in both time and resources. – Tomislav Slišković, owner of the Stas Organizer company and application.

Stas Organizer is continuously working on improving the application for all users, with faith in the global capacity of the solution and its imminent expansion to the foreign market.

All updates on the app, insights and user experiences can be followed on Facebook and LinkedIn and on the app’s official website.

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