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The First Street Art Studio ‘Lapo Lapo’ Opens its Doors in Zagreb


Artists Bare and Modul have started the ‘open’ studio…

The first studio of street art ‘Lapo Lapo‘ will open its doors on Monday 21 December 2015 in Zagreb. The studio is located on Zagreb’s main high street (Ilica 50) (passing). The studio is being opened by prominent Zagreb street artists Miroslav Petković (module) and Boris Bare (Pimp My Pump), who have decided to share the studio space with not only their peers, but also to all street art lovers.


Street Art Studio ‘Lapo Lapo’ will be a unique space in the city of Zagreb – offering a platform for independent and innovative artists, and all those who think ‘outside the box’ and create outside the boundaries of the conventional definition of visual art.

Petković is well-known in Zagreb as a veteran of the Zagreb street art and graffiti scene, providing a number of murals throughout the region over the last 20 years. His art activity has expanded to calligraphy, lettering and typography, and he is now one of the few who are specialized in it.

Boris Bare is part of the successful art collective Pimp My Pump, which saw him ‘pimp’ up a number of old Zagreb water pumps which have become a symbol of the city. Over time, Bare expanded his work to numerous city walls, applied art, and on other spaces.

Miroslav Petković (Module) and Boris Bare

Miroslav Petković (Module) and Boris Bare


In addition to the works of Bare and Modul, ‘Lapo Lapo’ will also feature works from a number of other relevant and well-known street artists from Croatia and the region, including Lonac, Stipan Tadić, Lunar, kolektiv R2D2, Djuvedj, 2Fast, Nikola Zorotović, Marko Zubak and many more.

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