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The first Croatian electric hydrofoil surfboard produced

The first Croatian electric hydrofoil surfboard (Photo: Plurato Sailfin)

20 February 2019 – A start-up out of the Dalmatian city of Split has developed and produced the first ever electric hydrofoil surfboard in Croatia. 

Plurato Sailfin has been working on the prototype electric hydrofoil surfboard for the last few years and in the next few months will take their invention to market.  

(Photo: Plurato Sailfin/Screenshot)

The surfboard, which is 210 cm long and 74 cm wide, can reach speeds of up to 32 km/h with its 4 kW power battery using a propeller propulsion system. The battery life ranges from 45 to 60 minutes. 

The surfboard is designed to be used on the sea, lakes and rivers with the recommended weight of riders under 95 kilograms, or a maximum of up to 110 kilograms. 

(Photo: Plurato Sailfin)

“The hardware development is a more complex and longer-term process of software development because it requires a lot more research work. With the development of a hydraulic-based surfacing electric surfacing board, we started about three years ago, but within a few months we managed to make the first prototype. We made the first tests in the middle of summer 2017 and we have collected very important data that we used to develop and improve with test runs,” Plurato  director Nino Mijač told novac.hr 

Mijač revealed that their plan in 2019 is to find partners who are involved in renting out equipment for summer fun on the water. The goal is to make Plurato Sailfin available through rental and also to launch a production series which will be available for sale direct to interested customers.

(Photo: Plurato Sailfin)

“Whilst these type of electric surfboards on average cost from around10,000 euros, we will try to position our boards on the market at a lower price,” he added.  

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