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The Dying Art Of Blacksmiths In Croatia

Meet Josip Cavajda from the eastern Croatian town of Pozega. Josip has recently completed his trade qualification to become only the 5th fully qualified Blacksmith in Croatia.

The ancient art of creating objects such as gates, railings, tools and utensils from wrought iron or steel by forging metal was a popular trade in ‘the old days’ but has been dying a slow death and until Josip decided to enter the trade there were only 4 Blacksmiths in the whole of Croatia, reports Croatian radiotelevision (HRT).

“No everyone can be directors, some people have to be majstor’s (masters),” said Cavajda, who is following in his father’s footsteps by becoming a Blacksmith.

“I did not go to university, and I have to work something,” said Josip about choosing his new profession.

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