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The Croatian Wine Book that is Amazon’s No.1 New Release in the Region

New Croatian Wine Book Debuts at No.1 on Amazon’s New Releases in the Region

A new book aimed to give people a better understanding of Croatian wine and its amazing history which dates back 2,500 years, has debuted as Amazon’s No.1 new release in the region.

Cracking Croatian Wine: A Visitor-Friendly Guide has just been released in three formats: EPUB, Kindle/MOBI, and Paperback, shooting straight to No.1 on Amazon in the region for travel.

After spending 7 months travelling through Croatia, researching and tasting over 1,500 wines, the book was born.

The book includes:

An Introduction to Croatia: An overview of Croatian wine history, wine regions, general climatic and geographical features, Croatian cuisine, and styles of wine available to complete the gastronomic experience.

Wine Grapes in Croatia: A rundown of the native and international wine grapes planted in Croatia, along with a pronunciation guide to help you order wine like a local.

Wine Label Interpretation: Croatian wine labels can have a lot of information on them. In this book, we offer a guide to understanding every line on the label.

Wine Recommendations: More than 150 wine recommendations, complete with tasting notes.

Featured Wine Personalities: These people will offer insights into the existing wine culture and the prospect of Croatia as a wine destination.

At only $7.99, the book also makes a great gift idea.

To get yourself a copy you can purchase it HERE

About the Author

While traveling through the wine regions of the world, Dr Matthew Horkey and Charine Tan experienced many obstacles during the preparations and actual trips, which compelled them to turn their love for wine into a creative force for good.

In 2015, they founded Exotic Wine Travel, a platform for promoting lesser-known wine regions and unique wines. In writing about their experiences, they aim to capture the ethos of a wine country–that is the connection between wine, people, and place–and share it with fellow wine lovers.

Having traveled to more than 40 countries and explored over 50 wine regions, they bring an empathetic and astute prosumer lens to wine communications.

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