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Testing Reveals Cleanest Swimming Water in Europe at Croatian Beaches

CroatiaCroatia’s Enviroment Minister Mihael Zmajlović has presented results of testing of swimming water quality at Croatian beaches today, and the results confirm what is a well-known fact already – that Croatia is home to the cleanest swimming water in Europe…

99% of tested waters rated ‘excellent’ or ‘good’, putting Croatia at the top of Europe for the quality of swimming waters at its beaches.

“Croatia has for years been at the top in Europe for its clean sea, and that we can rightly be proud of. In the last four seasons our swimming water quality was excellent or good in as high as 99% points of measurement. Our obligation is to work to preserve this situation and to transform this potential into sustainable growth and development, especially in tourism,” Minister Zmajlović told a press conference about Croatia’s swimming water quality on Friday.

Swimming water quality in Croatia is of an extremely high quality, said the ministry, adding that from 2010 to 2013 testing has shown the water not to drop below 99% on all the points of measured. Croatia has dominated the top three places in Europe for swimming water quality with Cyprus and Malta. The latest results came after 779 beaches in 7 counties were tested.

“Our water is among the cleanest in Europe. We are proud of that, and it is our task to keep it that way,” concluded Zmajlović.

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