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Swimming Water Quality at Croatian Beaches ‘Excellent’

Croatia top of Europe for water quality (image: hi-wallpapers.com)

The latest testing of swimming water quality at Croatian beaches has been completed and it has revealed once again that Croatia remains home to one of the cleanest waters to swim in in Europe.

Sea water quality at the nation’s beaches was conducted between 31 July and 11 August 2017. Swimming sea water at 953 locations was tested and then graded into four categories – excellent, good, sufficient, and poor.

Croatia home to one of the cleanest waters in Europe (Photo credit: dugiotok.hr)

Out of the 953 beaches tested, 928, or 97.38% of them, were declared ‘excellent’ quality. 15 beaches, or 1.57%, were graded as ‘good’, whilst 10 beaches, or 1.05%, came back with ‘sufficient’ results.

Not one beach failed to test in the ‘poor’ category.

Testing is conducted periodically throughout the summer. Assessments are determined on the basis of criteria defined by Regulation on Sea bathing water quality and the EU Directive on the management of bathing water quality.

Croatia has been testing swimming water quality since 1989 and has dominated the top three places in Europe for water quality together with Cyprus and Malta.

Zlatni rat beach

You can see detailed information about all the beaches tested here.

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