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Survey Exposes Most Racist Nations, Find Out Where Croatia Sits

An international study conducted by World Value Survey  featuring over 80 nations has revealed the “most racist countries in the world”, with Croatia ranking among the more tolerant. 

Swedish economists had developed indicators of tolerance for other races through a series of questions from respondents across more than 80 countries over three decades to form the results.The data from the survey by Niclas Berggren and Therese Nilsson was then mapped by Max Fisher of the Washington Post.

Hong Kong topped the list, with 71.8% of the population saying they would refuse to live next to someone of a different race. Bangladesh followed closely behind Hong Kong at 71.7%, followed by Jordan on 51.4%, India with 43.5% and Saudi Arabia at 37.7%, Fisher reported.
Croatia scored very low scores, falling into the tolerant category with only between 5-9.9% showing signs of racism. Together in Croatia’s group were Belgium, Belarus, Japan, Spain, Germany and Pakistan. France, Turkey, Bulgaria, Morocco, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines were in the 20-29.9% group.

The most tolerant nations with less than 5% were New Zealand, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Brazil, USA, Canada, Columbia, and the UK.

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