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Summer in Zagreb: 5 Must-Visit Events in August

August in Zagreb

By Tina Kovačiček

August in Zagreb used to be a month when everything would stop. Zagrebians would rush to the coast for the holidays and only rare enthusiasts would enjoy capital in this summer peak. Those days are over! Especially in the last couple of years when Zagreb was put in the hot spot by many travelers around the world. But not only travelers, even the locals want to stay in Zagreb and enjoy its relaxed atmosphere, long summer walks through the city and late night concerts and cocktails.

If you find your way towards Zagreb this August you will have plenty of reasons to feel amused and these are the 5 summer city festivals not to miss.

Summer on Stross

For years this festival, dedicated to arts and music, has been a favorite place for an easy summer stroll. Here you can enjoy live evening concerts – every night different performer will surprise you, you can attend art workshops or just have a drink and a selfie with a cool artistic scenery in the back. Ah, and the city panorama from here is something special.

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Little Picnic

The cute little gourmet project is coming back to Zagreb’s Upper city this August after its successful first edition last year. Every Thursday, from 6 pm to 11 pm Vranyczany’s Lea turns into a comfortable and refreshing summer oasis for locals and tourists with tempting gourmet-offerings. Presentation of small, local growers and food-tasting “at the source” gets a new dimension combined within relaxed, self-service picnic gathering.

So if you feel like taking a break here you can refresh yourself with fruity and veggie cocktails, home-made wine, seasonal fruits and other delicacies…

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Art Park

If you are looking for a different atmosphere in the city center you should visit this place. Last year it was still beautiful but abandoned old park until street art collective Pimp my Pump turned it into a vivid place for an everyday chill. It’s an open gallery where you can see interesting murals and graffiti art made by different artists from around the world (in one point they visited Art Park and felt free to leave their mark as the art works here are being updated all the time.

They also have movie nights, different workshops, concerts and DJ session which you can enjoy every day from 1 pm to 11 pm. Mojito sounds very refreshing or you can even try their Art Park beer – first beer made especially for the park. Cause one of the favorite relaxing summer moments for typical Croatian is to have a cold beer in the park. Why not try it out!

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Pop up summer garden on Tuškanac

A refreshing cocktail, tasty bite, and a movie – all that located in the beautiful green oasis of Tuškanac forest. Sounds like a cool plan! During the week Pop up summer garden offers different DJ and acoustic sessions, you can catch a movie here or just enjoy a fresh summer breeze as they are open every day from 6 pm to 11 pm.

One more reason why Zagreb is a great place to enjoy green parks. The only thing that could ruin your plans is rain.

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The Summer cinema on Gradec

Movie nights on Gradec have become classic through past seven years since it started. This charming open air cinema is located on Katarina’s square in the Upper Town. The Zagreb Cathedral will watch your back, since its the best place for the view, while you will be watching a movie. Free of charge screenings start at 9 pm and offer a different awarded titles from actual world and local production. To come earlier and have a drink in cinema cafe is recommended. This is how you will save yourself a seat since it can get crowded.

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