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Studenac and Wolt set up Croatian dark stores

Studenac and Wolt set up Croatian dark stores

Studenac and Wolt set up Croatian dark stores

Collaboration between retailer and delivery platform is the first of its kind in the country

Omiš, Croatia, July 12 2022 – Studenac Market, Croatia’s largest retailer by number of stores, has joined forces with Wolt, a leading European delivery platform, to launch dark stores offering grocery products.

Under the collaboration agreement, the companies will work together to set up the stores, with Studenac providing the products and equipment, while Wolt takes responsibility for logistics and delivery. The first dark stores – locations that exist exclusively for online shopping and are not open to the public – will be opened in the Adriatic coast city of Split in late July, and in Croatia’s capital Zagreb in early August. Users will be able to order products via Wolt’s application, and Wolt will provide delivery in 30 minutes or less.

“We are proud to be setting up Croatia’s first quick commerce collaboration between a retail chain and an online delivery platform,” said Studenac Marketing Director Nina Mimica. “In Wolt, we have a partner who shares our commitment to excellence, customer relationships and a pleasant and positive shopping experience. Their extensive network and deep knowledge of the delivery market allow us to offer ultra-fast delivery.”

Studenac and Wolt set up Croatian dark stores

Nina Mimica

After almost tripling its network since 2018, exceeding 1,000 stores last month, Studenac is focusing on digital initiatives to improve its relationships with customers and expand its reach. The newly announced collaboration with Wolt is part of this strategy. More than 800,000 users in the country of 4 million people have downloaded the delivery application from Wolt, which was recently acquired by U.S. platform DoorDash.

“Innovation and high-quality partnerships like this set Wolt apart in an increasingly dynamic market and position us as the preferred application for grocery and food delivery,” said Wolt Regional General Manager Matko Katanec. “Studenac is an attractive partner because it offers a broad range of affordable products.”

Digital initiatives announced by Studenac so far this year include the rollout of a new loyalty app and the creation of a new unit, Studenac Digital, that is developing new solutions in areas including pricing, promotions and assortment.

Studenac and Wolt set up Croatian dark stores

Matko Katanec

“We have become more aware than ever that we must use all the advantages of digital technologies in order to provide our customers with greater value, and by partnering with Wolt, we are going exactly in that direction,” Mimica said. “We continue to invest in business innovation and development and actively listen to this dynamic market, looking for opportunities to serve our customers’ needs even better.”

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