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Star Wars Filming to Bring in €5 Million to Croatia

(photo credit / christin necker)

(photo credit / christin necker)

Head of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Hrvoje Hribar, has revealed to HRT’s Studio 4 that the filming of Star Wars: Episode VIII will bring in 38 million kuna (5 million euros) to Croatia…

On Friday Hribar finally confirmed the rumours that Star Wars: Episode VIII will begin shooting in Dubrovnik next month after weeks of speculation.

“It is one very beautiful deal for us and for Dubrovnik, filming will not last long but it will be the biggest investment for filming (per day) ever. Investment of 38 million euros for those that like to count money. I mention that for those who deal with the state budget, who will benefit from this deal, as well of course as Dubrovnik,” Hribar said.

It is still not clear which part of the film will be shot in Dubrovnik, or which stars will arrive in town to film. Dubrovnik’s stunning location and tax incentives have helped the city land major productions, including HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones.

Star Wars in Croatia - a big coup

Star Wars in Croatia – a big coup

“Dubrovnik is not the most beautiful city in the world, but in the galaxy. There’s a wondrous planet, somewhere in the backwater of the galaxy in which there is this wonderful city and there’s a scene, a little idyllic one, that is part of the story. Dubrovnik goes in space and certainly for the reputation of all of us engaged in the promotion of this tourist destination it is simply priceless,” Hribar added.

One thing that is not in doubt, with Game of Thrones and Star Wars, it is priceless tourism promotion for Dubrovnik and Croatia.

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