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Some of the Bizarre Calls to Emergency Services in Croatia

CroatiaMedical emergency services in Croatia receive on average around 1,000 calls a day, and as daily 24sata reports, not all calls are run-of-the-mill…

“I have a sexual problem. I can not orgasm and I need help,” was the problem a 60-year-old man recently phoned into the emergency services in Bjelovar.

Whilst most calls are of a serious nature and require emergency medical intervention, some of the calls the operators have to field could be described as ‘bizarre’ at the very least.

“My husband drunk a lot, he just came from the cellar and he has to go to work. How do I wake him and sober him up?, one concerned wife from Zagorje called the emergency services for help, only to leave the doctors in laughter.

Some other classics include:

“How much garlic do I need to eat to get my blood pressure down?”
“How much red wine do I need to drink to raise my blood pressure if it is too low?”

Operators also have to deal with drunken pranksters, calling to get pizza or ćevapi delivered urgently, or that a mosquito is killing them.

“Our job is very responsible. These type of jokes can put other lives in danger because time is being wasted. We are the happiest when we can save lives,” the head of Karlovac’s emergency services said.

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