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Šibenik’s first money turned into edible chocolate souvenir 

Bagatin (Photo: Grad Šibenik)

ŠIBENIK, 18 September 2019 – Visitors to the Dalmatian city of Šibenik can now take away a unique edible souvenir of the city, a Šibenik Bagatin, which is a chocolate version of the coin which was first made back in the 15th century. 

Šibenik was the first city during the time of the Republic of Venice to make their own money. One side of the Bagatin, St. Mark, the patron saint of Venice was featured, whilst the other side featured St. Michael, the patron saint of Šibenik. The Bagatin was first made in Šibenik in 1485, making the city among the first to have their own money. And it remained in use for over two centuries.

The edible Bagatin project was created by students from the Tourism-Hospitality school in Šibenik and was financed by the Ministry of Tourism. 

To make 350 Bagatin souvenirs, 10 kilograms of chocolate was melted. The Bagatins were made by the students themselves and they are satisfied with the finished product. The students chose the Bagatin as it is a cultural and historical heritage of Šibenik and has a story behind it. 

Edible Bagatin (Photo: Grad Šibenik)

Producing an edible souvenir was easy. To make the Bagatin mould, the students turned to their neighbours at the Technical School in Šibenik who produced the moulds using 3D printers. 

Bagatin (Photo: Grad Šibenik)

So next time you are in Šibenik, look out for a tasty Bagatin. 

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