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Shevchenko Goes into Business with Boban

CroatiaThe Zagreb-based food import company owned by former Croatian captain Zvonimir Boban and his ex AC Milan team-mate Paulo Maldini, has just got another owner – Ukrainian football legend Andriy Shevchenko…

Boban, who had a 90% share of the company, founded Moja zemlja in 1992, with Maldini joining two years ago as co-owner with a 10% stake. According to court records, the former AC Milan striker Schevchenko became a shareholder on 9 May, reports Tportal. The trio, who played together at AC Milan from 1999 to 2002, have the exclusive rights for AIA products in Croatia. AIA is one of Europe’s largest producers of chicken and turkey meat and are part of Italian giants Veronesi.

Moja zemlja also are the leaders in the Croatian frankfurter market, with close to 50% market share thanks to their Wudy brand. Moje zemlja employes around 20 people in Croatia.

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