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Serengeti, one of the biggest software development companies in Croatia, is entering AI development for retail industry 

Serengeti Croatia

IT company that has built the recognizable Team Extension model is extending its business into the Machine Learning domain and taking a share of retail application REDAI, whose main purpose is a fast retail shelf analysis supported by artificial intelligence.

Zagreb, October 09, 2020 – Serengeti, Croatian software, nearshoring and offshoring company focused on enterprise solutions and one of the biggest software development companies in Croatia, and Besplay Adria, a start-up from Zagreb that created the RedAI application, signed a contract on Thursday making Serengeti a co-owner of RedAI application. Besides that, Serengeti announced cooperation with Tricentis, a global leader in automated testing for faster software development and digital transformation. 

Partnership with company Besplay Adria, or co-ownership of RedAI application which is based on advanced technologies such as machine learning, gave us an insight into a new, attractive field of development. Additionally, having RedAI app in our portfolio has lead us to a new destination called retail which bloomed thanks to the innovative software solutions that enable big and small names in the industry to be more agile and productive.“, Goran Kalanj, Serengeti CEO stated. He added, “Serengeti has been present on the market as a reliable partner for automated testing and our new collaboration with global leader in the field, company Tricentis, further confirms this and gives us a chance to apply our knowledge and best practices from this field to further development of functionalities for software development testing.“

Serengeti Croatia

We are pleased to start business synergy with Serengeti, an established and leading IT company on the Croatian market. Concerning that REDAI is a 100% Made in Croatia solution, we are excited that two Croatian companies will work on commercial positioning beyond our borders. Not only that but continually technologically improve the solution in the years ahead. FMCG/CPG is the primary industry where REDAI was presented as a „must-have“ product for the leading companies in the industry, but our goal is also to offer complimentary digital solutions and improve business processes in other industrial niches“, Domagoj Boršić, Besplay Adria’s CEO said. „RedAI is an application that brings current results on your smartphone in correlation with your previously defined KPI’s. User photographs a retail shelf or the fridge with his mobile device, having simple directions embedded in the application. AI software detects, classifies and delivers each task previously defined by the client and delivers results to our user on the spot, as well as to the management. It also compares the situation in-store with the terms of the contract with each retailer.“, Boršić elaborates. 

Serengeti Croatia

2020, although marked as a Coronavirus year, for Serengeti represents a year in which they started new projects in Croatia and internationally, whilst in the retail industry, it sped up the application of innovative software solutions.  Many clients in Western European markets are proof of Serengeti’s domain knowledge. Their takeover of Besplay Adria’s shares in RedAI gave them the exclusive partnership and also the opportunity to introduce RedAI application to Western European clients. 

RedAI is the artificial intelligence-based application used by sales representatives for merchandising fast-moving consumer goods. Thanks to the innovative solution, sales representatives can analyse the shelf in just a few seconds. Same works for refrigerators in the HoReCa sector. The next step in the application development is 3D product mapping within the application. 

Serengeti Croatia

Smart software testing is the next step in automated testing where Serengeti will cooperate with the company Tricentis in a way that their consultants will extend the existing team and develop new functionalities for smart software testing. Tricentis is a global pioneer in automated testing according to independent research. Their solution covers the whole functionality testing from the perspective of an end-user. 

Serengeti Croatia


Serengeti is a software development, offshoring and nearshoring company that provides enterprise solutions while applying Team Extension model and innovative technologies. With over 100 projects in various industries, Serengeti positioned itself as a trusted partner for business solution development which accelerates digital transformation. Founded in 2007, Serengeti continuously grows in revenue, with the number of employees and the list of renowned clients who are the leaders in their industries.

Serengeti Croatia

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