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Sarma On-The-Go Latest Hit in Town

Sarma on-the-go (photo/The Chevap)

Sarma on-the-go (photo/The Chevap)


It is no secret that Croatians like to sit down and make an occasion out of having coffee or eating lunch…

Food on-the-go is a concept that has not really taken off yet in Croatia, it was only this decade that coffee on-the-go started to become readily available. However, a shift is slowly starting to take place with more ‘street food’ style places opening up especially in the capital Zagreb.

A number of Asian wok places have opened, and recently we reported on the new unique ćevapčići / palačinke fusion ‘Chevaprolls’ which have turned ćevapčići into an on-the-go option.



The latest hit in town is ‘Sarma on the go’ – the tasty stuffed rolled cabbage leaves which is a winter favourite in Croatia – which was started by The Chevap, located on Kvatrić.

Juraj Mucko, who is the chef at The Chevap, says that the Sarma, which costs just over 2 euros, is flying out the door, and is usually all gone by 3pm each day.

Sarma on-the-go flying out the door

Sarma on-the-go flying out the door

The Chevap, which is located at the Kvatrić markets , also does a range of other foods including ćevapčići and lamb.

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