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ChevapRolls a Hit in Zagreb

What do you get when you cross one of the most recognisable meat dishes in the region – Ćevapčići – with one of the most recognisable desserts – palačinke (pancakes)? ChevapRolls of course…

The unique ćevapčići / palačinke fusion is the brainchild of two Croatia MasterChef contestants, Martina Županić and Iva Pehar, and their new food joint ChevapRolls is slowing becoming a hit in the capital Zagreb. The pair’s idea was to create a new street food, where the popular ćevapčići could be eaten as a snack on the go.

ChevapRolls, which is located on Gajeva 8 in downtown Zagreb, not only sells the popular ChevapRolls, but also does ChesseRolls and EggRolls among other things. Everything is ‘homemade’ at ChevapRolls.

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(photo credit/ChevapRolls Facebook)

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