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Samoborska kremšnita awarded intangible cultural good status

The popular Samoborska kremšnita, the custard cream slice made famous in the Croatian city of Samobor, has now been legally protected as an autochthonous Samobor or Croatian brand.

The City of Samobor stated that according to a decision of the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media, from January 18 2021, the traditional Samoborska kremšnita has received the status of intangible cultural property and will be entered in the Register of Protected Cultural Heritage of Croatia.

This dessert, made from puff pastry and filled with custard cream and beaten egg whites, is known under various names and variants in Europe and one of the most famous in Croatia is that made in Samobor, it is stated in the decision of the Ministry. 

The original Samoborska kremšnita recipe was created in the 1920s by confectioner Đuro Lukačić, who prepared them until 1966, after which he helped make them. Two confectioners, Višnja Vukmanović and Branka Žganjer, transferred the original recipe and knowledge to Kavana Livadić and the pastry shop U prolazu in Samobor, which are also holders of intangible cultural property.  

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The tradition of making Samoborska kremšnita is cherished in these patisseries in Samobor and they are enjoyed by many locals and tourists.

The City of Samobor have posted on their YouTube channel the recipe so you can see how to prepare the popular dessert.

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