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Salt Shortage as Bad Weather Affects Salt Works in Ston

Inclement weather has caused panic at one of Croatia’s largest salt works. Producers at Solana Ston in the Dalmatian county of Dubrovnik-Neretva are concerned for this year’s harvest…

Since the start of the harvest season on 13 June till the end of August, more than 250 litres of rain per square metre has fallen at the works, the equivalent of four summers worth of rain. With water and salt not a great mix, the flooded pans will have a big effect on this years production.

“In recent history only 1976 was similar, but now is even worse. In the year there needs to be 45 days without precipitation from the releasing the sea water to the appearance of the first salt in the saltpans, and then another 10 days to cause crystallization,” Solana Ston technician Senio Medi told Dubrovnik.hr, adding that anymore rain will further spoil what will be harvested.

Solana Ston, together with Croatia’s largest salt producers Solana Pag, and Solana Nin, can produce up to 20,000 tonnes of salt annually. Income generated by Croatia’s largest salt producer Solana Pag in 2012 was 62.6 million kuna (8 million EUR).

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